30 March 2011

Whale Pot Bay by Des Hunt

Whale Pot Bay by Des Hunt (HarperCollins) 2009

Paperback ISBN 9781869507305

Jake (13) and his dad live in rural Wairarapa and get along pretty well with no women in their lives, or so Jake thinks. Then his dad falls in love and his girlfriend and her daughter come to stay. Stephanie is excited because her favourite rock star, Milton Summer, lives in the area. Jake doesn’t want any females mucking up their lives and crashes the jeep when he angrily takes her to see where Milton lives – they have a bit of sorting out to do before they can become friends, and get involved with Milt too. There’s other trouble, with suspicious characters hanging around and high drama when a pregnant whale is stranded in the bay, and then a tsunami to face. Technology sometimes clumsily dealt with, and the 13-year-old driving the jeep seems inappropriate. Otherwise an exciting read with a good measure of ecological information.

This review first appeared in NZ Book Council's The School Library in March 2009.

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