02 December 2009

An Advent of Christmas Books - Dear Father Christmas by Alan Durant & Vanessa Cabban

This book was new to me, but it's a reprint, originally out in 2005. I hope the original came out in hardback because the paperback I have has a very thin cover and if this book gets the amount of handling the content warrants it will soon be falling to bits.
I wasn't familiar with the British author Alan Durant but found heaps of info about him here and see he has a huge stack of books to his name. The illustrator is also accomplished and you can read about her and some of her books for Walker Books (she writes as well as illustrates) here.
Dear Father Christmas immediately reminded me of The Jolly Postman and its Christmas version, and perhaps that smaller, more robust format was more suitable for a book with so many surprises enclosed for every few pages there is an envelope with a treasure within - a letter, mini advent calendar, a Christmas decoration and more.
A soft and friendly looking Father Christmas smiles out from the cover, with a gold-embossed envelope in his hand, inviting you in. The story follows young Holly and her correspondence with Father Christmas which begins on 1st December when her little brother leaves his Christmas list on the fireplace but Holly writes a letter instead. Her letters are full of questions about Father Christmas, where he lives, who his helpers are, how he manages to get right around the world on Christmas night. Father Christmas patiently replies and answers her questions in a perfectly plausible way (well, I AM a great believer in the joys of Christmas!), each time reminding her that she hasn't supplied her wish list yet. When she finally does it's for a very special gift and Santa does manage to deliver.
Holly and her family and home are beautifully rumpled and her letters suitably decorated with childish drawings. Santa's abode is also perfectly magical and cheery. Children will love to open each envelope and read the contents - and put it back safe and sound again for next time.
This duo have also produced other titles in this format - Dear Tooth Fairy and Dear Mermaid.

Dear Father Christmas By Alan Durant
Illustrated by Vanessa Cabban
Walker Books (2005), 2009
ISBN 9781406305586
Paperback $19

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Annie said...

another Christmas fav... no wonder we get on so well...