14 December 2009

An Advent of Christmas Books - The Christmas Book by Dick Bruna

The Christmas Book
By Dick Bruna
Methuen (1964), 1982

Dick Bruna has been illustrating picture books for more than 60 years! His first picture book was published in 1953, and, according to my copy, The Christmas Book was first published in 1964, reprinted five times, then a new edition in 1976, again reprinted numerous times, with my copy printed in 1982 - and of course much more has probably happened to this simple little book in the years since then.
I was given my copy, as a Christmas gift when I was pregnant with my son in 1985. So this is a special book in our house, patched as it is with sellotape and with discolouration on the white pages. The Christmas tale is told fully but simply, and accompanied by the simplest drawings possible. A treasure.
Read about Dick Bruna here. I was interested to read that his father was a publisher, his company one of the biggest in the Netherlands. He's probably best known for his Miffy books about a little rabbit.

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