03 April 2008

Bernard Beckett is a Bologna superstar

Bookman Beattie has reported great news for New Zealand writer Bernard Beckett and his publishers, Longacre Press in New Zealand and Text Publishing in Australia. Bernard's young adult novel is doing great business at the Bologna Book Fair (gotta get there one day!). Genesis is taking off big time in Bologna with a £100,000 sale to Quercus and sales for Norwegian, Spanish, French and Italian rights, and also to Canada.
Bernard is a top-class writer New Zealand should be hugely proud of. His novels have been aimed at the young adult market so far, but will now maximise the crossover potential of Genesis by marketing to both YA and adult markets.
He's also a fantastic teacher and role model who effectively communicates his ideas, and his love of writing, story and science. All the best Bernard. And now I'll very guiltily go away and read the book... I loved Malcolm and Juliet and Deep Fried, but I've never really been a sci-fi girl. But when the writing is this good I've got to give it a go.
Pic of Bernard from Longacre Press website.