22 March 2007

The Revolting Vegetables

Revolting vegetables indeed - can you tell me, is there anyone out there who actually keeps their potatoes in the fridge?
I'm afraid this slip up was the first thing that caused me to grind to a halt in my enjoyment of this book. Touted as a book to make kids feel better about vegetables - which we all know they instinctively hate (well actually they don't, but we perpetuate this myth, thus creating a burden for our own backs in the process). But read on, determined reader, that's not what this story is about at all. In fact in the whole story the only veges which get a look in are the potatoes, and even they are eventually left to party on in the darkness of the unopened fridge.
Back a step - here's the basis of the story: The spuds rule the fridge (yes there is someone out there who does keep them in the fridge), they are the Westies of the vege world, roaring around in there on their motorbikes, wearing leather and chains, intimidating the other more well behaved, wussy greens and carrots.
The highlight of the day is when the fridge door opens and a 'little hand' reaches in to take one potatoe on the first day, two potatoes on the second day - up to four potatoes on the fourth day! Now, aside from the question of keeping your potatoes in the fridge does anyone know of a 'little hand' that could hold four potatoes? I know, I'm picky aren't I, damn it, letting the facts get in the way of a good story.
One might think one can guess the outcome of the story... little person tires of chips/mash/roasties and finally turns to the (by now wilting and rather manky looking I would think) lettuce, carrots and broccolli...
But no, this is not a story about discovering that veges are nice, or at least not as horrid as you thought, it's a story about making friends, as we unexpectedly find the story ends with all the veges in the fridge making friends and the bikey spuds taking the wee carrot and his mates for rides around the fridge - with none of them worried about the fact that the fridge door doesn't open at all any more.
No, not a story about discovering the joys of a varied diet. Not a story based on reality either. Bright pictures and cute names but I'm afraid I can't get past the potatoes in the fridge...